The Real Deal with ShopGider Deals and ShopGlider Ads

How would it feel to wake up one morning to the sound of neighbors banging on your door and demanding that you clean their walls immediately and threatening to sue if you don’t comply? Half awaken you rush out to the street to face the neighborhood homes decorated with obscene graffiti. The problem? They are all signed with your name. The anonymous artist apparently had decided that would be much more fun to use your name instead of signing his own.

This is how we felt when recently we started receiving outraged emails and forum posts from people demanding that we immediately remove something called ShopGlider Deals and ShopGlider Ads from their computers. As it turned out, some sneaky cowards who are good at writing malicious software, but not so good at creating memorable brand names decided to take our brand without asking us first. In other words, our brand has become a victim of brandjacking (a business equivalent of ID theft). Essentially overnight, ShopGlider brand that we have been building for years has become associated with malware, adware and viruses.

So far, the effects of that theft have been far from pleasant. ShopGlider Deals and Ads have pushed out all other references from Google auto complete and top search results. We continue to get emails from people who believe that they are writing to the malware producers and use corresponding four letter words to express their feelings. We need to spend time addressing these problems instead of improving our site and apps. As if all of this was not enough, multiple malware removal sites have been using our branding (including our logo and graphics from our site) in order to sell their malware removal tools so that people can get rid of the virus developed by those horrible hackers at One the bright side, we get more traffic, but this is not the kind of traffic any self-respecting legitimate business wants to get.

All that said, we want to be a part of the solution, even if our brand has been dragged into the problem. Although we have nothing to do with malware that now bears our brand, the fact remains that when people search for it they first of all, come across our site. We would like to use this fact to beat the anonymous malware producers in their own game and turn this page into a place where you can get a real solution. Unfortunately, the people who have contacted us far have been unsuccessful in removing ShopGlider Deals and Ads from their computers, despite the abundance of tools that claim to do that.

So if you read this post and know of a real way to remove ShopGlider Deals and/or ShopGlider  Ads please send us a link and we’ll post it here. If you are one of the people who use our brand to advertise your non-working malware removal tools do not even try to contact us, as we may resort to the kind of language we have been hearing from the most frustrated victims of that malware.


(real) ShopGlider team

UPDATE 4/12/15: Solutions for removing ShopGlider Deals from Chrome (from users’ comments and emails):

I did manage to remove it, and actually it was quite simple. The problem I had was that images had an overlay in Chrome. There were no extra extensions installed, and on my Mac I couldn’t find any Shopglider files. The solution in the end, was to reset the Chrome settings to their originals. You can find them in your Settings, under Advanced, and then scroll all the way to the bottom. First I tried to remove Chrome and re-install it, but that didn’t help (and kept all of the original settings). Resetting Chrome proved to be the solution (for me). Afterwards, I ran an anti malware app I got tipped (, which found 1 file. I don’t know if that had anything to do with this, but after I removed that as well, and restarted Chrome, the problem had disappeared.

UPDATE 05/04/15:  Hey, after a month the shopglider spam started showing up again. This time I took notice of how I disabled it. On the upper left corner when the ad appears it says “By shopglider deals”. When you click on that a dialog box pops up immediately telling you to “Click here” if you want to turn it off.  Evidently it only turns it off for a month but it’s a start.

UPDATE 05/18/15

Selected answers from Google Chrome Help forum

I’ve had the shopglider deals problem for about a month now on my macbook pro, and it was driving me insane (worrying about my security and privacy). I am not very computer savvy, so everything is greek to me. I installed Adware Medic, ClamXav, and WebGuard with no results. I also kept resetting Chrome, and that would work for a few days, but it always came back. When it popped up again this morning, I reset Chrome and it was still there, so I decided I wasn’t going to quit until I found out where it was coming from, and started experimenting. I disabled all my Chrome extensions, and then enabled them one by one. After I would enable each one, I would go to a Lowes site where I was getting the popups. First was Adblock Plus 1.8.12, and no shopglider. Then it was Adblock Pro 3.1, and no shopglider. Next it was Adblock Super 2.7.4 and shopglider reappeared. I disabled it and continued enabling the remaining extensions, and no shopglider. Now I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m pretty sure that Adblock 2.7.4 had something embedded in it. I was also getting bogus flash player updates with a number to call, and hopefully, this was also causing those problems. Hope this helps someone.


Yeah, the ad block plus was the extension causing this.  It seems that the only extension out there that is Ad Block isn’t any of these others, it is just AdBlock.  Or perhaps some jerks tampered with and infected what was a formerly trustworthy extension.

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